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What is a hernia?

A hernia develops when the outer layers of the abdominal walls weaken, bulge, or actually rip.
The hole in this outer layer allows the inner lining of the cavity to protrude and to form a sac. Any part of the abdominal wall can develop a hernia. However, the most common site is the groin. A hernia in the groin area is called an inguinal (ing’gwi-nal) hernia (Inguinal is another word for groin). Inguinal hernias account for 80 percent of all hernias. In an inguinal hernia, the sac protrudes into the groin.

What are the types of hernias?

Depending upon the body part involved the most common types of hernias are:
Inguinal hernia - Inguinal or groin hernias are more common in males. Normally a tough layer of tissue called the fascia transversalis, surrounds the abdominal cavity. There is a small natural hole in this layer called the internal inguinal ring. If this hole enlarges, the intestines may bulge through the internal inguinal ring. The protruded intestines lie under the skin in a sort of bag, the hernias sac and contents are externally visible as a lump in the groin.

Hiatus hernia - A muscular diaphragm separates structures in the chest from those in the abdomen. The esophagus, or food pipe, passes through an opening (hiatus) in the diaphragm to enter the abdomen and join the stomach. The stomach is mobile in the abdominal cavity and sometimes slides through the esophageal hiatus to partly enter the chest. This condition is called a hiatus hernia.
Umbilical hernia - This occurs when protrusion of intestine (or other organs) result because the firm tissue in the navel becomes very thin resulting in a gap.

Incision hernia - This can occur at the site of a scar from previous surgery. The fat or tissue pushes through a weakness created by the surgical scar. This can occur soon after or months or years after the initial surgery.

Femoral hernia – This presents as a swelling in the upper part of the thigh just below the groin crease. It is not a common hernia.

What causes a hernia?

Anything, which increases pressure on the stomach muscles, can lead to a tear. This includes heavy lifting, coughing, straining on the toilet, vigorous exercise or even sex.

How is a hernia treated?

A simple operation is now carried out to repair the weakness before problems arise. Most operations take less than one hour, and can be done using keyhole surgery techniques. The surgeon will remove the hernia sac and sew the weakened area of muscle together. Sometimes a synthetic mesh will be used to help reinforce the repair six weeks after surgery.

What can be done to prevent a hernia from worsening?

Lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects should be avoided. Smoking should be stopped to prevent a smoker’s cough. Eating a high-fiber diet that includes grains, cereals, raw fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water help relieve constipation.If allergies are a problem, medication to treat sneezing may help.

Why travel internationally for hernia surgery?

Internationally hernia surgery has some of the best facilities combined with excellent surgeons whose expertise is equal to the best available in any country. While some international healthcare locations are renowned worldwide, the growth in medical tourism has seen a large part of this growth come in minimal invasive surgery like hernia surgery. The concept has broad appeal, as international private facilities which offer advanced technology and high-quality procedures on par with hospitals in the major industrialized countries at a fraction of the cost.  Some treatments are just a tenth of the price of comparable western hospitals! Furthermore, if your situation demands, surgery packages are also within your reach. International medical treatment is among the best in the world, facilitated by the most skilled doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals.

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